Grigoriev Sergey – “Returned”

A heavy man’s boot is placed next to a fragile toy set. And from the inappropriateness of this neighborhood, it is felt with particular acuteness how fraught with danger for the world of childhood is the intrusion of adult troubles, troubles and difficulties into it. The ashes of a smoking cigarette are falling on the colored rug where a teddy bear and a doll have just been treated to tea. But the overweight man – the father, who has sat down on the children’s table, does not notice all the absurdity of his behavior. After all, he came here with two boxes of chocolates and with the confidence that his arrival would become a holiday in the abandoned family. And suddenly he met alienation in his little daughter, intransigence in his teenage son.

A more contradictory internal conversation is read by us in the views, postures, expressions on the faces of a man and a woman who were once the closest people to each other, but now it turned out that this outwardly strong man has never been his wife’s protection, support, friend. The sad and tired woman turned out to be stronger, mentally taller than him. But she doesn’t just judge him, she understands his weakness. Viewers judge this person.

Grigoriev’s paintings seem to be reading. Perhaps because Sergei Alekseevich is a great storyteller in life, and his painting chose this gift of figurative narration. This is stated in many monographs about the work of S.A. Grigoriev, publications, articles, essays. In the genre paintings of his brush, which brought him wide fame, the artist showed great compositional skill, the ability to convey the subtlest state of the human soul, to reveal a child’s character in a heartfelt manner.

Year of painting: 1954.

The dimensions of the painting are 130 x 140 cm.

Material: canvas.

Writing technique: oil.

Genre: genre painting.

Style: socialist realism.

Gallery: State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia.

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