Delacroix – “Liberty Leading the People”

This painting by Eugene Delacroix, painted in 1830, is sometimes called “Liberty on the Barricades”, but its correct, original name is “Liberty Leading the People.” There is also a widespread misconception that the painting depicts the events of the French Revolution, but this is not so: the painting is filled with the spirit and events […]

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Hopper – “New York Office”

Year of painting: 1962. Painting dimensions: 101.6 x 139.7 cm Material: canvas. Writing technique: oil. Genre: urban landscape. Style: new realism. Gallery: Museum of Fine Arts, Montgomery, Alabama, USA.

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Degas – “Dance class”

Year of painting: 1874. Dimensions of the painting: 85 x 75 cm. Material: canvas. Writing technique: oil. Genre: genre painting. Style: impressionism. Gallery: Musée d’Orsay, Paris, France

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Grigoriev Sergey – “Returned”

A heavy man’s boot is placed next to a fragile toy set. And from the inappropriateness of this neighborhood, it is felt with particular acuteness how fraught with danger for the world of childhood is the intrusion of adult troubles, troubles and difficulties into it. The ashes of a smoking cigarette are falling on the […]

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the beauty

Degas Edgar – “In the cafe. Absinthe”

One of his most famous works – “Absinthe” Edgar Degas wrote in 1893, initially calling it “People in the Cafe”. In the picture, the artist depicted two people – a man and a woman sitting at a cafe table. It is noticeable that the woman is pretty drunk, while the man is completely sober. Degas […]

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